Assam Long Leaf Black Tea
Assam Long Leaf Black Tea
Assam Long Leaf Black Tea

Assam Long Leaf Black Tea

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Assam tea is manufactured specifically from the plant Camellia sinensis var. assamica (Masters). This tea, most of which is grown at or near sea level, is known for its body, briskness, malty flavour, and strong, bright colour.

The state of Assam is the world's largest tea-growing region, lying on either side of the Brahmaputra River, and bordering Bangladesh and Myanmar.

This part of India experiences high precipitation; during the monsoon period, as much as 10 to 12 inches (250–300 mm) of rain per day. The daytime temperature rises to about 96.8F (36 °C), creating greenhouse-like conditions of extreme humidity and heat. This tropical climate contributes to Assam's unique malty taste, a feature for which this tea is well known.

Though Assam generally denotes the distinctive black teas from Assam, the region produces smaller quantities of green and white teas as well with their own distinctive characteristics.

Historically, Assam has been the second commercial tea production region after southern China. Southern China and Assam are the only two regions in the world with native tea plants.

P.S- Every tea comes in a handmade packaged jar and i put my utmost care and love to pack every single tea that is shipped.

How to brew Assam Black Tea:

Steeping time 3-5 min
Steeping temperature 85 °C - 212 °F
Leaves per 500ml / 17oz teapot 2-5 gram
Tablespoons / 500ml (17 oz) 0.5 tbsp

Stain the tea leaves and serve a hot cup of tea.

Recipe: To make it more taste to it you can add honey, black-salt and lemon to it.