Exotic Rose Buds
Exotic Rose Buds
Exotic Rose Buds
Exotic Rose Buds
Exotic Rose Buds

Exotic Rose Buds

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Rose Buds Decaffeinated - Flower Tea - Skin Glow, Anti-Ageing and Weight Loss Tea- Red and Pink Variant (Random)

Rose Buds Tea is a very healthy, not to mention delicious beverage made from either dehydrated or fresh rose buds. The healing powers of rose petals have been known for centuries and today they are used to make therapeutic essential oils as well as being enjoyed as a nutritious tea.

Rose Buds Tea  is fragrant, fruity and packed with vitamin C and antioxidants making it the ideal drink when your body needs a boost. Rose tea can benefit your body in many number of ways; it is great for the skin, can help you relax and being free of calories, it can even contribute towards your weight loss plan.

As well as its high vitamin C content, rose tea buds have large amount of polyphenols along with several other antioxidants like quercetin and ellagic acid. Polyphenols are natural antioxidants which are well known for their ability to repair cellular damage and protect the body against serious illnesses including heart disease, bone weakness and cancer.


1) Menstrual Pain

2) Skin Glow

3) Helps in acne problems

4) Hair growth and shinier 

5) Boosts your immune system

6) Improves digestion

7) Weight loss

8) Its Caffeine Free

 P.S- Every tea comes in a tea pack or caddie and i put my utmost care and love to pack every single tea that is shipped.  

How to brew Rose Buds tea:

Boil the water in a pot at 75 degree.

Turn the heat off and add the Rose Buds.

After adding the Rose Buds, let it steep for 3-5 mins (Depends on how strong you want it).

Strain the rose buds and serve a hot cup of tea, you may use the rose buds to apply on your hair after cooling it. :) 



PS- Colour may vary as per the drying process and the colour of the rose buds.